Children of Deaf Adults, INC. 

CODA celebrates the unique heritage and multicultural 

multicultural identities of adult hearing

individuals with deaf parent(s). 

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CODA (Children of Deaf Adults, Inc.) strives to achieve the mission via conferences, retreats, publications, scholarships, resource development and fundraising to enrich the experience of Codas. 

2017 Annual Conference


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What's New?

2020 Strategic Plan

A comprehensive survey was done in 2015 to develop organizational goals, which is coined CODA's '2020 Strategic Plan'. To learn more about CODA's plans, go to Strategic Plan.


2015 Recipients ~ CODA UK & Ireland

Did you know?

Mother Father Deaf Day

The last Sunday in April is designated Mother Father Deaf Day. This is a day that codas around the world acknowledge and celebrate our deaf parents. 

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Codas around the world

CODA International is actively networking with other Coda organizations around the world. 
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