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Since 1990, the CODA International Millie Brother Scholarship has helped children of deaf adults reach their higher education goals through the administration of this important award. Over the last 30 years, the scholarship has grown to include recipients from several dozen countries and we are committed to this work going forward. 

The 2023 recipients of this scholarship are bright, tenacious and lead with compassion for others. Their commitment to their education and their communities is one to be celebrated – and we believe it is these things that will push them toward further success. 

Dulce Jasso, USA: Dulce believes growing up with a deaf mother and brother taught her how to be independent, responsible and resilient. She hopes to translate these skills into a career as a dental hygienist, but also hopes to use college as an opportunity to learn sign language so she can better communicate with her family and future clients. 

Ananya Limaye, USA: Ananya remembers doing her best to fingerspell clunky medical terms while interpreting doctor’s appointments for her deaf parents and siblings growing up. While she recalls those visits as somewhat awkward and even traumatizing at times, they fueled an interest in medicine that blossomed into plans to become a pediatrician in her community. 

Doris Makoloni, Zambia: Doris grew up frustrated by a lack of smooth communication with her deaf parents until a secondary school teacher introduced her to a new reality: Sign language. Inspired by how the language allowed her to reconnect with her parents, Doris shifted her career goals, intending to pursue a career in teaching so that she may share the importance of communication skills with others. 

Alina Mukungwa, Zambia: Alina’s deaf parents were never given an opportunity to pursue higher education. A few years out of secondary school, Alina herself has faced many roadblocks in continuing her education, but continued to stay active with her studies, community service and faith-based activities. Now, she is determined to see it through, knowing that by studying physical therapy she can help people in her community heal.

Tendo Arnest Chris, Uganda: Chris’ dreams are inspired by his mother’s work. Growing up, he watched as his mother advocated for deaf education and more understanding of deafness through her work with the Uganda National Association of the Deaf, eventually including Chris in that work as he grew older. Now, he hopes to take on that fight himself by getting a degree in sign language and community-based rehabilitation.  

Xavier Sarr, USA: Xavier plans to study business, relying on the patience and strong communication skills he learned as a child of deaf adults to help him succeed in what can be a competitive industry. 

Mourine Emisiko Swaka, Kenya: As a customer care agent at a local bank, Mourine gets a lot of deaf customers seeking financial and business help sent her way. In three years, it’s become less of a job and more of a passion. Mourine is seeking a formal degree to help advance her contract role to a permanent position with the institution. 

Please join us in congratulating the 2023 recipients for their incredible accomplishments. 


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