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deaf parents day / MOTHER FATHER DEAF DAY

I envision a “Mother Father Deaf Day” where we can honor our parents by sharing
positively oriented stories about our days of growing up.’
Trudy Schafer, July, 1994, International CODA Conference Keynote Address, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA

The last Sunday in April is designated Deaf Parents Day, also known as  Mother Father Deaf Day. This is a day that Codas around the world acknowledge and celebrate our deaf parents. 

Use the Event Guide for planning your own Deaf Parents' Day

This Deaf Parent's Day Event Guide intends to be the starting point for your local planning efforts. Here are suggestions that we hope you will take and make your own, wherever you are in the world. The ultimate goal is to have a global event that makes the theme of “Celebrating our Heritage and Families” a joyous occasion reflecting local cultures and communities. We created this Event Guide in collaboration with KODAheart and Codas around the world. It is translated into over 20 languages. To access these translations, click on the “Want to see this Event Guide in my language.” link found in the Event Guide. 

How CODA International plans to celebrate this year

For more information about our plans this year, please check the News on the CODA homepage and your mailbox if you are a member. Also, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please, also let us know about Deaf Parents Day events near you!


We have celebrated Deaf Parents Day/Mother Father Deaf day since 1996. It was started by a dedicated member Trudy Schafer, and it was inspired by Paul Preston's book Mother Father Deaf Day. 2021 the name other Father Deaf Day was changed to Deaf Parents Day. We reached out to local CODA related organisations around the world to help with the 25th anniversary celebration. This outreach resulted in videos that includes the native words/signs for the country of origin, the native words/signs for “Mother, Father Deaf/Deaf Parents Day”, and the native phrase/sign for “Coda”. These videos were shown on CODA’s social media platforms. 

The following videos helps to illustrate the background and development of this global annual event. CODA welcomes you to view these videos to learn about our organization, the inspiration and history of Mother Father Deaf Day/Deaf Parents Day, and hopes for future celebrations.

Millie Brother answers “How did CODA begin?”

Paul Preston answers “Why did you write the book “Mother Father Deaf””

Let us know about Deaf Parents Day events near you!



Deaf parents Day


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