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Restructure: Team USA

Team USA Wants Your Input


The future of CODA as an organization is in your hands and we want to hear from you!
CODA International is slated to become two entities: CODA USA and an International entity. Help us evolve and prepare for our future.

CODA International (CODA) Today:

CODA was founded in 1983 and is an organization that celebrates the unique heritage and multicultural identities of adult individuals who have deaf parents. The organization's vision is to connect Codas from all around the world.

CODA achieves its mission through various means, such as conferences, retreats, publications, scholarships, resource development, and fundraising. The ultimate goal is to enrich the experiences of Codas and promote their well-being.

In 2022 the CODA membership decided to take a new step into future: To ┬┤evolve into two organisations: CODA USA and a new CODA International entity.

This is a remarkable moment in the history of CODA , as we witness the evolution into two organisations: CODA USA and a new CODA International entity.

Read more about today's CODA here: Link.

We have a survey for your input:
The survey below closes on 1 April 2024 at 11:59 PM EST.
CODA USA Survey Link 

Greetings from TEAM USA!

In 2022, the CODA membership voted to create 2 organizations, CODA USA and a CODA International entity.


The immediate focus was creating a questionnaire to be discussed face-to-face at the Region 5 Retreat held in Las Vegas, Nevada, a year ago in January 2023.  2023 Board members Abby Long and Trudy Schafer conducted the session with more than 50 people in attendance. Soon after a call was put out recruiting volunteers to help with the transition process.  A committee was formed with volunteer members, and a plan was outlined.


The members of the committee are Monique Clark (California), Laureen Newman Feldhorn (California), Mandie Frye (Washington), Caroline Preston-Bass (Nevada), Chuck Reineck (Nevada), Dennis Joyce (New Jersey), Jaymes Pomare (District of Columbia), and Diane Hazel Jones (Indiana). Our board liaisons are Trudy Schafer, Vice President; and Cathy Covey, Region 3 Representative.


Our charge as a committee is to:

    • Phase 1:
      • Gather input via survey questions from members and non-members.
    • Phase 2:
      • Create opportunities to gather input from members both face-to-face and online by creating a survey link to reach as many people as possible.
    • Phase 3:
      • Summarize data collected from surveys and make recommendations.
    • Phase 4:
      • Present recommendations from our findings to the CODA International Board in June 2024, while gathering feedback from participants at the 2024 conference.
      • Recommend possible board structures and succession plans for officers.
      • Recommend possible Regional structures, memberships, and affiliations.
    • Phase 5:
      • Discuss recommendations for next steps.
      • Review by-laws and recommendations by 2025.
      • Begin preliminary review and development of a new budget.

In addition, the committee has conducted additional face-to-face feedback sessions in Korea (June 2023) and at the CODAMidwest Retreat (October 2023). The committee then created a survey in order to reach as many people as possible. Once created, we scheduled four 2-hour Zoom sessions on 12 & 20 January and 9 & 24 February. During those sessions, time was given to review the survey questions and share feedback. At the end of each session, participants were encouraged to complete the survey. These Zoom dates and links were sent to the membership and advertised on several Coda-related Facebook pages.  Each Zoom session has had approximately 25 participants.

We will add an additional Zoom session in March on a weekday in the evening. Look for the date to be announced soon. An email is sent out the Monday prior and on the same morning of the session.

Once we compile all the data from the Survey, our committee will be categorizing and compiling our recommendations. The goal is to have our recommendations prepared by the end of May/early June 2024.

In addition to TEAM USA’s work, we  had our first meeting with TEAM Global’s Leader, David Gibson (Australia).

A quarterly report on TEAM USA’s activities can be found in the CODA Connection Newsletter.

Want more information, want to be involved, or have ideas?  Contact us at

In addition, please visit our website at for more information about our work in this transition.

Sincerely, your CODA USA Team; Diane Hazel Jones, Caroline Preston Bass, Laureen Newman Feldhorn, Chuck Reineck, Monique Clark, Dennis Joyce, and James Pomare


CODA International is a private organization maintained and governed by CODA International members. Codas being persons who have one or more parent with a demonstrable and verifiable hearing loss. Non Codas interested in becoming Supporting Members are encouraged and highly welcomed. Persons joining as a voting member or registering for CODA International conference or specified events, found to be non-Coda will automatically have their status changed to Supporting Member and any dues or fees paid to CODA will be forfeited. The privacy and security of all registered members is a top priority for the purpose of admittance, denials, and revocations. 

CODA International is not responsible for non-affiliated social media accounts which may not be a direct representation or share the beliefs that of CODA-International websites etc. 

Official Social Media accounts CODA International:
Facebook: Children of Deaf Adults International Inc.  ~ 
Twitter: @codaintl ~ Instagram: codainternational ~ YouTube: CODA International Inc

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