Children of Deaf Adults, INC. 

CODA celebrates the unique heritage and
identities of adult hearing
individuals with deaf parent(s).

About CODA

CODA - Children of Deaf adults, is a non-profit organization for adult, hearing sons and daughters of deaf parent(s). Since 1983, CODA has grown to include people from many different countries and varied world experiences. We have found that the CODA experience is strikingly similar around the world. Regardless if you come from a family with one deaf parent, both deaf parents, additional deaf family members, families who signed, families who didn’t. etc., you are welcome here.


Connecting Codas around the world.


CODA celebrates the unique heritage and multicultural identities of adult hearing individuals with deaf parent(s).

Statement of Purpose

CODA (Children of Deaf Adults, Inc.) strives to achieve this mission via conferences, retreats, publications, scholarships, resource development and fundraising to enrich the experience of Codas.

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